Web Design Experiment

New website = new business just rolling in #webdesignexperiment

You’ve just launched your new website. You probably spent hours yourself or with a web designer to get a really great looking website out there for the whole world to see. This is so exciting 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! You’re sending the link to all your friends and family and make a big announcement on social media. Pat on the back, well done!

This is where this very website is today – 13 January 2020 after launching just a few weeks ago. Our business is not new, but we have rebranded and our business has changed. So, of course, the first thing that we needed to do was get a showcase of our skills out there, as quickly as possible. After all, our own website is our most important portfolio item in itself.

And now we’re sitting back waiting for business to roll in – because we’re on the web, right?

Well, that’s a huge myth!

Our #webdesignexperiment begins, check back soon!